Saturday, October 27, 2007

In the Beginning..........

Well, here you have it. I finally started a blog for the Team. I hope to keep the fan up to date on the latest news of the Wake-N-Bake Racing.
I would like to introduce the 2008 Wake-N-Bake Racing Team:

William “Wild Bill” Lanzilotta, Athens, Ga., Age 39, Expert MTB, Team Captain

As Team Captain, Wild Bill understands the value of helping the younger riders. His mountain bike career started 17 years ago. As a former down hill skier and mountain bike dual slalom racer, Bill brings a wealth of technical experience on the bike that the team finds invaluable. Wild Bill has finished on the podium in the overall category in the Southeastern Series the last three years running. When he’s not playing in the mud, Wild Bill is gainfully employed as a professor at the University of Georgia.

2007 Results

· 1st - 2007 Ride the Night Train- Fontana Village- Men’s 6-hour Solo

· 1st - 2007 24 hours of Big Bear- Four-Man Expert

· 1st - 2007 24 hours of Conyers- Four-Man Expert

· 3rd - 6 hours of Conyers- Men’s Expert

· 5th Overall- South Eastern Regional Conference (SERC)- Men’s Expert 30-39

Nicolas Dale, Athens, Ga., Age 26, Semi-Pro MTB

Nick started racing mountain bikes during his last couple of years in high school. He then started road when he started college at the University of Georgia. Nick quickly moved up to Pro 1/2 and represented UGA at 2 national championships. He returned to mountain biking back in 2006 and finished 2nd overall in Pro/Semi/Expert in the Georgia Championship Series.

2007 Results

· 1st - SERC #9- Cross Country- Senior Men’s Expert 19-29

· 2nd - SERC#7- Cross Country- Senior Men’s Expert 19-29

· 3rd - NMBS (Snowmass, Co.)- Senior Men’s Expert 25-29

· 4th Overall- NMBS- Men’s Expert 19-29

Maria Carrelli, Athens, Ga., Age 29, Expert MTB

Maria has been racing overall for the past 5 years and at the expert level for the last 2 years. She has become a personal trainer to enhance her own training and to help other women become more competitive in the sport. She is currently the 2-time Georgia State single-speed champion and hopes to make it “three in a row” in 2008.

2007 Results

· 1st - Georgia Single Speed Championship- Women’s 19-29

· 1st - Six hours of Conyers- Two-Man Co-ed

· 3rd - Stump Jump 2007- Senior Women’s Expert 19-29

· 3rd - GSC#3-Cross County- Senior Women’s Expert 19-29

· 8th NMBS(Sugar Mountain)- Senior Women’s Expert 19-29

Rebecca Tomaszewski, Boone, N.C., Age 29, Expert MTB

Rebecca is a former bike courier who started racing 5 years ago. After racing cross-country on mountain bikes for a couple of years, she switched to endurance racing, and has competed over the last year on a single-speed. Rebecca raced Trans-Germany this past May. For 2008 she plans on splitting her time between a single-speed bike and a geared bike.

2007 Results

· 1st - 12 hours of Cow Bell Challenge- Women’s Single Speed

· 1st - Wilderness 101- Women’s Single Speed

· 3rd - Fool’s Gold 100 Open- Women

· 5th - Single Speed World Championship- Women